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Friend Box Company specializes in custom designing and manufacturing a broad range of promotional packaging for virtually any application. Our promotional packaging is a high-impact way to create and immediate audience and put your message front and center. Promotional packaging can intrigue, entertain, inform, and even help close a sale. We will help you custom design your promotional packaging as a cost-effective and beautiful way to add value and visual appeal with our signature made-in-the-USA quality. We are also capable of adding hinges, platforms, magnetic closures, lined interiors, custom die cuts, distinctive papers, eye-catching graphics, and more. Enhance your promotion with Friend Box as your trusted partner.

To see examples of our capabilities and experience with promotional packaging, we invite you to explore our product gallery with customizable filters today!


Design Tip:

  • Be magnetic! There are certain design limitations associated with magnetic closures, and we can guide you through them!

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